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I personally think that Petyr 's ultimate endgame is to finally finish the Game of Thrones. Petyr has seen the ass end of the monarchy and probably feels a deep seated contemptitude for the game in and of itself due to his low standing in the "ladder" of noble houses. My personal theory is that Littlefinger wants to bring about something akin to the European renaissance with him as a patriarch. But then again its just my theory.


I think we all know GRRM well enough to say that things will not turn out so well as planned. I, too, personally like the social revolution theory: It has been mentioned that Petyr replaces a lot of nobles in position of pwer with more competent common men (of the upper class, of course). I could imagine him reforming the Westerosi political system when he brought Sansa up, but at the moment I cannot see him advocating a republican system. It depends a lot on the great endgame, actually. Petyr-fans will have a lot to laugh when everybody of importance dies and Littlefinger is the one to control Westeros. :D


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