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Шатнер о Спейдере:

Rumpus: Can I ask you a question about Boston Legal? I’m embarrassed to say that I just started watching that show two months ago.

Shatner: I don’t watch television.

Rumpus: You and James Spader had tremendous chemistry on that show. Can you tell me one story about you and Spader off set?

Shatner: I love him, he’s a great guy, and we became – I don’t know how you define friends really, but by many definitions we’re great friends. I laughed for days. He got… What are those Hawaiian plants, that smell very beautiful? They make leis w/ them?

Rumpus: Gardenias?

Shatner: They’re not gardenias [ed. note: they’re plumerias]. But he got those plants. and he said “I’ve bought this house, and I got these plants at the nursery down there, they’re fantastic! The smell penetrates everything!” And he said, “You know, I got stoned the other day. And I got into the plant.” And then he looked around to see if anybody was looking, and he inhaled the fragrance – this is acting – well, he did it like he must’ve done after he had taken a couple of hits. I started laughing. It was so perfect, so beautifully done, it was the best acting I’ve ever seen: a stoned guy getting totally involved in the smell of a plant that he just forgot everything else—but was still a little bit aware of the fact that there was a little something odd about him standing with his head buried in a plant!


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